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Top Things to pack on your boat trip

a cake made to look like a boat


Ready to pack for a boat ride? To help you avoid turning back mid-cruise, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of what to bring on a boat trip for a fun, safe day on the water. Whether you’re heading out for a day of deep-sea fishing or family fun, knowing what to bring can make your day easier and safer.

Here’s what you should have for a day on the water:

Sun protection:

a cake made to look like a boat
  • Sunscreen, Aloe vera, Lip Balm with high SPF, or Insect repellent. It can get very hot, and you could be exposed to much more UV rays than usual, so you have to think about protecting your skin and head from those harmful rays.

  • Anti-nausea medication

  • Lightweight long-sleeve shirt (if you’re especially sensitive)

  • Wide-brimmed, stylish hat and hair ties 🙂

  • Sunglasses


Safety equipment: Off the Hook Boating provides all required U.S. Coast Guard-approved safety equipmenttext

  • Personal flotation devices for all passengers

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Signaling and sound devices (horn, bell or whistle)

  • Day and nighttime flares

  • First-aid kit – Include motion sickness medication.

  • Fully-charged cell phone – If your phone is not waterproof, get a waterproof case.

  • Know how and who to call if you need to send a distress signal

For your comfort: Conditions on the water can change from minute to minute, so you’ll want to be prepared. When creating a boat trip packing list, keep weather conditions in mind because getting a serious sunburn or freezing your you-know-what off is no fun!

  • Wear comfortable, non-slip shoes or flip-flops. With boats, there are always slippery surfaces.

  • Change of clothes – In case you get sprayed, splashed, or dunked.

  • A dry bag for the most important stuff. On a boat, things are bound to get wet!

  • Jacket – Temperatures on the water can be very different than on land.

  • Snacks and Drinks. Bringing food and water goes without saying. Don’t forget to insulate with a portable cooler otherwise our rentals have storage for these items und the seat cushions.

  • Designating garbage and recycling bags, keeping plenty of napkins, rags, or paper towels handy will make post-cruise cleanup much easier.

  • Utensils, plates, and bowls

  • Hand sanitizer or wipes – Important after handling bait and fish (or just a sandwich).

  • Towels

For fun:a couple of people that are sitting on a boat in the water

  • Swimsuits

  • Prepare a music playlist of your favorite tunes and hook it up to the Bluetooth stereo

  • It’s all fun and games! Bring all the accessories for eventual water sports and games. For water sports, don’t forget snorkeling masks and wakeboards, floaties, or your favorite water sports equipment.

  • Waterproof camera or smartphone – Capture memories of your day on the water. Bring a GoPro or binoculars! You don’t want to miss out on seeing the dolphins or Manatees 🙂

Official business: Don’t forget IDs and Documents

  • Up-to-date boat registration

  • License for operating the boat (if required)

  • Fishing license – If you’re planning to fish, make sure your license is current.

Not everyone is the same, and we are sure that you will find lots of stuff that you can’t live without, but these are some essential boating accessories you shouldn’t forget when packing for your summer boating vacation. And the most important thing, don’t forget your adventurous spirit!

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